A: No, B-Whatsapp has nothing related to official Whatsapp Inc, Located in Silicon Vally.

A: No, As WhatsApp doesn't allow such activities, even though our system doesn't flood their servers as we have strict limitations on our gateway channels.

A: No, We don't have access/relation with Whatsapp Inc, for all your concerns please contact WhatsApp support .


No way! We do not send bulk messages or illegally log in to the Whatsapp network as described in Section 3, Part (e) of the Whatsapp Use Agreement (Legal and Acceptable Use.

We offer special channels for users. These special channels work as a second Smartphone. You can reach more people on this number. If anyone can get a smartphone and set up Whatsapp and send a legitimate message to them, this system will also allow you to create virtual smartphones and send messages legally.

This gives you the advantage; You can separate your private friend list on the Bulk message service without being infected.

A: Bulk WhatsApp, is a company which provides help & support to a various number of clients aiming to establish social connections with there end clients.

A: It's very simple, all you need is to register for an account, upon the registration you will have 25 Free test messages to spend and test our service, Later on you can purchase Credits .

A: Credit is the cost per each message you send any kind ( Text.,Image,Audio,Video )

A: By going to (Groups) there is the option to Import a new group from a text file.

Hint: Each number must be on 1 line, each number should start with country code without leading 00/+.

A: We don't deliver contact lists.

A: Yes, we do provide an API .

A: No, That is not possible.

A: Signature, is added automatically to each sent message, you can change it from Profile/Message Settings.

A: Auto Response, Is a feature we provide giving you the ability to respond to any reply from the numbers you already sent to them, This feature is free of charge and Response's don't count in your credit rates, You can change the Auto-response message By going to Profile/Message Settings 

A: Each group is set to auto expiry after 30 days inactive, we do this to minimize our Database size.

A: When a client send bulk message , those messages will be inserted into a queue , Messages delivery speed is depending on the current number of Queues in the whole system.

A: Due to latest upgrades we did on our system and servers, All Inbox messages will have a delay to show from 2 up to 96 hours from the date it's sent until all our servers Sync those messages and deliver them to all clients.

A: When you send a message to Landline or Number don't have WhatsApp, our system will recognize that and will automatically refund the credits.

A: Due to abuse of Single message feature, we was forced to add sender Information in Single messages to eliminate threat and abusing contents.

A: Due to WhatsApp security they don't allow clickable URL if the sender number is not saved in the recipient contact list, So that can be done using the vCard feature only.

A: No, Whatsapp relies on the recipient contact list to retrieve the name, so that is not possible.

A: Yes, 100% we don't resell or provide your groups to any other 3rd party.

A: We do provide detailed reports on campaigns, for sent message it can be found on ( History Queue ) - And on Groups you will be able to see ( Bad Numbers - Removed Numbers ) 

A: Go to Profile=> Message Settings => Copyright

If the copyright field is empty, it will show sent by B-Whatsapp.com, That is by default .

A: Try another number and make sure you are adding 00 or + with the number.

A: Has enabled 2 steps verification, that require need code to send each new login.
Disable it.

A: Currently we have numbers from 

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Myanmar
  4. Philipines
  5. Syria
  6. Egypt
  7. Indonesia
  8. China
  9. Russia
  10. Brazil
  11. Cambodia


A: Fast queues are boosted manually, Therfor it does not support Inbox Feature.


A: 25 Single Message per day for each user.

A:  A client/User can show my phone and my email and this is NOT good!!!!!!!! .

(That can't be removed - this is for security reasons and requested by law -

However you can have as many users as you want so each client can have his own user).

A: No, it can't be from your local country, but if you are looking for viewing a number so they can call you. Your ID will be your number and they'll call you on that number because we have a feature that shows your ID below the messages you send.

A:  That depends on the volume you are purchasing, we set that manually per each account.

A: When somebody respond to you, he will have an option to (request your username/email - request to remove he's number from list)

The number removed from list shall be added into Removed Numbers in Groups.

That feature work only for Bulk 

A: Issue exists in your internet connection speed or video size, please try another smaller video or try with another connection, as you have only max of 30 seconds to upload the video.

A: called api by admin and says this error " Invalid Licnese Key ".

Yes, Once you install it , if you change IP/Directory it will suspend the license , please re-issue the license if same issue exist give me your license key so i un-suspend it