Rules & Limitations

General Rules
- Clients are not allowed to send any kind of messages that includes ( Cursing - Threatening - Racist - Harassment - Porn - Child Abuse - Underage Porn ), client will be subject for such actions and account might be suspended if this rule is violated .
- User can send messages in any Language ( we support worldwide languages )
- User can send ( Text,Images,Audio,Video,vCard )
- Single messaging service is for tests and samples not for production enviroment, misusing it will lead to account suspension.
- System sending speed depend on how much total QUEUES we are processing.
- System auto close new Bulk queues once system is over 80% of usage to minimize peek, However this last for sometime and it is automatic open.
- All orders shall submit Authorzation form https://b-whatsapp.com/downloads/ccauthform.doc