System Load

System Load : B-whatsapp depend on shared channels for our customers, sometimes clients send more than expected messages, even there is limitations on daily sending for all clients, but when talking in bulk that means additional quota to be used once a while, when the System Load is marked high , that means our system has reached above 85% of capacity with additional message in the queue, The system load will remain high until the over quota messages are delivered and than system will be back to Normal load .


PS : We on B-whatsapp are working on daily basis to increase our overall capacities and increasing our servers, but in the second hand we are open to new registrations which means that we can't commit to 100% system load Normal .


Private Quota : A user can purchase private quota to insure smooth delivery, This private quota will be dedicated held only for he's user or sub-users ( re sellers ) .

Private Quota price is set to be 10$ for each 1,000 , Discount might apply for private quota above 50,000 please open support ticket for more information .