Messages Status & Credit Usage

We face many questions regarding messages status so please read this carefully so you may understand how our system works.
On B-Whatsapp we have 3 primary statuses for all our queues 


Steps that your messages are to process 
When you send new queue it will be marked as ( Filter/Hold), our system will Start filtering your messages for bad numbers "None WhatsApp users" and refund credits into your account, True whatsapp numbers will be moved to HOLD QUEUE And will wait for free channels/servers to process it.
After messages have been processed, our system will move it to  Active QUEUE, On active status means your messages has been sent to our servers to start delivering process this may take some time to complete depend on our SYSTEM LOAD. 
After message is sent, system will keep it in PreSentMarked Status, Means message has been sent to Whatsapp and we are waiting to collect delivery report and the WappID to make sure it has been successfully delivered to Whatsapp servers
Once our system collects WappID system will mark it as  HISTORY QUEUE, all messages in History queue means those messages has been successfully delivered to whatsapp servers.

Note: FastQueue, It's a total Random sending with x100 faster than Normal sending, However FastQueue cost x2  more of any queue size and it don't support Inbox.
Note: There is also a status called "Paused" that if you want to pause a certain queue, on that status a new button shall appear called "Active" which means to re-activate your paused queue. 

For more information, you can go to Profile to check your Queues Status.
Also, you should read this: https://b-whatsapp.com/main/Pages.php?id=48

We have 2 different Queue Pools for the messages, Fast & Normal, and we have a Boosting feature, This boosting feature it's done automated and it works on any queue size "Full Queue @ One Time",
For example, if we have

10 Fast
15 Normal

The Boosting feature will work on the insertID order of the 10 Fast Queues to boost when Fast Queue Pool is empty system will start boosting the Normal queue.
Hint:  to mention, When any queue is Boosted all boosted Messages will not have 2way messaging & Auto response feature.

Note: You can disable Boost option while sending the queue, By default Enabled is selected to all queues.


Credit Usage

Text = 1 credit
Image = 1 credit
Audio = 1 credit
PDF = 1 credit
vCard= 2 credits
Video = 3 credits
Polls = Regular price x3 Normal Sending + INBOX
Text + Variables = Regular price x3 Normal Sending
Fast Queue = x2 Credits ( No Sending Limits )


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