Artificial Intelligence

Call Center Artificial Intelligence 

- Dedicated Channels
- Dedicated Servers
- Dedicated IP Address
- Smart Chat Panel
- Ability to set Profile image
- Ability to set Status
- Ability to set Sender ID
- Ability to set Pre-defined Questions/Answers
- Ability to set Event Reminder
- Ability to set Auto response upon request
- Ability to send Image
- Ability to send Audio
- Ability to send Video
- Ability to send vCard
- Ability to send Location ( Events )
- Ability to send Broadcast message
- Ability to Export chat
- Ability to Delete chat
- Ability to Print chat
- Ability to Receive Images
- Messages Delivery 5 Minutes.

This features are ideal for politicians,call centers, etc...

The service can be fully set-up within 48 Hours after order is placed.

Prices can vary depend on some factors, Please send us ticket answering those questions so we can give you the best price.
1- How many recipient expected.
2- How many web panels needed .
3- How much is the expected open chats.
4- Country ...
5- Credit volume to be purchased with this feature.


Minimum Requirements 

1- 1,000 Recipient Per Channel.
2- 10,000 Credits order.

Note: This is Monthly based and it will be quoted depend on how many recipients you need, each 1,000 recipients cost 10$ Service Fees.

Note: We deliver you PHP Code to put at your ( website - blog - etc..) the script will show 1 Dedicated channel number at all the times and it will Balance between your channels, Once the recipient add the number he will open chat with you And Voila it's done.