News Agency

Broadcast Agency

- Dedicated Channels
- Dedicated Servers
- Dedicated IP Address
- Ability to set Profile image
- Ability to set Status
- Ability to set Sender ID
- Ability to view subscribers
- Ability to export subscribers numbers
- Ability to balance subscribers over channels
- Ability to send Text
- Ability to send Image
- Ability to send Audio
- Ability to send Video
- Ability to send vCard
- Ability to send Location ( Events )
- Broadcast Delivery Between  1~15 Minutes.

This features are ideal for radio, sports, Media agencys...

The service can be fully set-up within 48 Hours after order is placed.

Minimum Requirements 

1- 5,000 Recipient.
2- 25,000 Credits order.

Note: This is Monthly based and it will be quoted depend on how many recipients you need, each 1,000 recipients cost 5$ Service Fees
Note: We deliver you PHP Code to put at your ( website - blog - etc..) the script will show 1 Dedicated channel number at all the times and it will Balance between your channels, Once the recipient add the number he will need to send 1 Message you configure for example " Add Me" And Voila it's done.