B-whatsapp do support Re-sellers ( Whitelabled Via API )

Resellers discounts depending on the Deposit and volume of credits usage monthly contract volume .

Please contact our sales department for more information regarding to our re-sellers program


Rules for all Re-sellers

1) Re-sellers are responsible to offer support to their clients.

2) B-whatsapp is responsible to

    a- Provide a fully functional website ( API Whitelabled Website )

    b- Fix any issue related to the software B-whatsapp.

3) B-whatsapp, will not be responsible in any way for any issue/deals which has been set between re-sellers and end client, however B-whatsapp has the right to contact and take actions against the re-seller if that is leading to damage the reputation of B-whatsapp.com

4) Re-seller program may requires some official documents to be sent to our Administrative department upon request.

a- Scanned copy of the passport of the contact person

b- Business License for an official or registered company

c- Agreement of the rules above should be signed prior to the signing of the contract

 5) Any Re-seller is responsible against our company for any loss due to a mistake from his or any  sub-user side, and is responsible to pay 10% of the loss. (losses that happens due to mistakes uploading groups that leads to the loss of credits or blocking our channels while filtration).

Our system is of high security and privacy only and only if you follow the steps written. 

We are here 24/24 to help you for any further assistance.


Resellers Requirement & Discounts 

1)  Reseller must have at least contract of 250,000 Credits (Credit Prices)

2)  Resellers Discounts are based on monthly usage volume .

3) The contract is set to be renewed on monthly basis, however the reseller can request a cancellation before 5 days of each cycle, If contract is signed, otherwise it will be CONTRACT FREE.

4) B-whatsapp & LFAIT have the right to terminate any contract if the reseller breach any of the rules and without prior notice, however B-whatsapp might refund the balance in special cases.

5) None used credits shall be brought forward and added to next month credits recharged.

6) Credit fees must be paid fully once the contract is signed.

7) Resellers with less than 25,000 Credits in their balance will be automatic downgraded to normal user profile.


API Whitelable Resellers

API Script Download link = Click Here


Private & Dedicated Whitelable Resellers

Dedicated resellers, are same as normal reseller however with 4 different features

  1. Private channel name
  2. Private channel status
  3. Private display profile picture
  4. daily sending limitations


For more information or Submitting your application please use contact us forum.